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Privy Kitty - Outdoor Litter Box For Cats

Exterior Mounted Litter Station for Indoor cats

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Privy Kitty mounts securely to the exterior of your home.

Your kitties pass through your interior wall and arrive inside the litter station box where they do their business keeping your home fresh!

A Great New Exterior Mounted Litter Station

To Replace Your Indoor Cat Box


For the convenience of keeping your cat indoors while they handle their business outside.

Privy® Stays Out of Sight!

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Features of the Outdoor Cat Litter Box

  • Mounts securely to the outside wall
  • Cats enter from inside your home
  • High walled inner Liner
  • Sloping lid sheds water, protecting vents
  • Outer box is strong seamless lightweight ABS Plastic
  • Reusable liner is acid resistant polypropylene
Indoor Outdoor Cat Litter Box
Outdoor Cat Litter Box Enclosure

Experience the Luxury

Privy Kitty's Exterior Mounted Litter Station For Indoor Cats