Privy Kitty - Outdoor Litter Box For Cats

We can all agree that while owning cats brings an immeasurable amount of joy to our lives, the biggest challenges are the mess and maintenance of the litter box! When you use traditional litter boxes, you will find the smell and litter dust overwhelming. A litter box in the house is an eye sore, and hazardous. Our unique design solves all of these issues and challenges.

One of the first things you will notice after your Privy Kitty is installed and kitty has acclimated to the new design, is the absence of the litter box obstacle in the way, and the embarrassing odor and mess that was so prevalent, is now nowhere to be seen. The litter box smell you have endured for so long will no longer permeate your home! You can love your cat, but not have to put up with the annoying litter box, because now it will be out of sight and smell. We designed a soft, flexible vapor flap in the entrance doorway. This helps keep odors in the box while fumes rise out the vent holes to the outside air. When your cat comes back into the house, after using the Privy, the soft clear flap falls shut behind them as they make their exit. Additionally, our custom Privy mat is included for the entry portal to help keep litter from tracking. We place a small, stylish, mat outside the entrance, to catch litter as the cats make their way out of the Privy after they are done with their business.


Our environmentally friendly design is easy to maintain and no electricity is needed. Daily raking will suffice for quite a while before a thorough cleaning is required. All you need to do is lift the lid and hook it to the wall. Rake the droppings, dust dissipates into the fresh air. Put droppings in a thin biodegradable plastic bag and drop it in a sealed can outside the house till trash day. We designed each element of the Privy Kitty to be easy to remove for deep cleanings. Please see our FAQs for full deep-cleaning recommendations. A thorough cleaning may be needed about once a month.

The advantages are clear: You will have less mess, less odor, less dust to breathe, and more space in your home with our environmentally friendly Privy Kitty. Get yours today!