Privy Kitty - Outdoor Litter Box For Cats

Privy Kitty is an environmentally friendly, low-maintenance, outdoor litter station for indoor cats. Your cat will be kept safe and secure as they use their own private restroom that is accessed from inside the house. This product is built with high-quality, thick-gauge, ABS-strong plastic and is made to last. One of the first questions we are asked is how Privy Kitty will keep your cat safe from the outdoor elements. The answer is, kitty only goes into the small litter box for a few minutes, and returns immediately after they go to the bathroom. Kitty can’t escape, because the lid locks from the outside. The entrance always remains open for kitties to go in and out.

A Cat Entering Into Outdoor Litter Box Enclosure

Our sloped lid will keep rain and snow from getting inside the litter box. Additionally, the lid overlaps the vent holes so no moisture will get in. The flap helps keep restroom odors from going back into the house, and vapors from the urine rise and dissipate out the vents, and not directly into the house as normal indoor boxes do. Regardless of whether it is windy, rainy, or snowy—your sweet cat will be safe while taking care of their business.


Privy Kitty mounts securely on the exterior of your home. On the inside the home kitty gets the urge to go potty, and passes through the entrance portal arriving in the litter station. Kitty goes potty and exits right back into the house when finished. As kitty leaves the Privy, a soft weighted vapor flap shuts down behind them and smells dissipate out through covered screens. Owner goes outside into the fresh air to rake the box at their leisure. After installing a Privy, the inside of your home will be more spacious and litter box free.


The Privy Kitty entrance passage has two heavy duty ABS plastic casings, one on the interior side of the house and one on the exterior side of the house. The indoor casing is permanently mounted, and the exterior part of the unit is removable, so it’s easy to clean. The outer box always stays in place. The litter box liner is also removable and made of washable chemical resistant polypropylene. There are handles so you can lift it out to do a more extensive cleaning about once a month. We have also included a mat in the entry portal to help with litter tracking. A vapor flap will keep the odors outside where they belong.


Once you have introduced your cat to Privy Kitty and they are comfortable using it, you can get rid of the old indoor litter box forever! You will also discover that Privy Kitty is easy to maintain. In most cases, daily raking is sufficient, and we recommend thorough cleaning once a month. For full details on deep cleanings, see our FAQs.


Privy Kitty will revolutionize the way you view your cat’s litter box– It’s easy, pleasant to maintain out in the fresh air, and safe for your cats. Cats love the privacy.