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Privy Kitty - Outdoor Litter Box For Cats

Who We Are

As an avid kitty lover and rescuer of over 12+ cats as well as a home designer and builder, Sharon Goddard, owner and inventor of Privy Kitty, felt the need to get “the litter boxes” and the embarrassing mess out of the house. With all those cats in a small house they needed 3 litter boxes to keep up with the cats. The bathroom had two litter boxes stacked on top of each other. The cats had no problem springing up to the second level. The other litter box was in the guest bedroom, and sometimes under the piano or in the laundry room.

One day while walking through the house, she thought of this great idea! Being proficient with a pencil she sat down and drafted her idea on paper and made the technical drawings. The idea was to remove the cat box mess from the house and hang it on the other side of an exterior wall having and accessible entrance from inside the house. This way the cats could go out and do their business, come right back inside, safe and sound.

Since she and her partner were both contractors, they bought the materials and constructed the first privy Kitty outdoor litter box out of ¼” plywood.


The first plywood prototype was installed on the outside of her home. Since the cats loved it so much, she removed all the litterboxes from inside of the house, and Privy Kitty was born!

This was such a great feeling to have solved the situation in the house of the embarrassing messes, because she could provide a loving home to all her special kitties and have a beautiful and fresh smelling home at the same time. She designed the litter station with ventilation and a vapor flap for litter box odor control and there is less litter dust to breathe for you and kitty. A locking and hinged lid is sloped to shed rain and keep kitty and litter safe and dry, while providing ventilation under the eaves through the screens. It was designed with a high walled, removable and reusable litter liner tote with handles, so litter station maintenance a breeze. Privy Kitty can be used over and over again for years. It is environmentally friendly, because there is no containers to through away. Sharon is excited to share this revolutionary new litter box design for all cat lovers that is hidden outside your wall!