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Our Story

As an avid kitty lover and rescuer of over 11 cats as well as a home designer and builder, Sharon Goddard, owner and inventor of Privy Kitty, saw the need to get “the box” and its mess out of the house. Guardian to 11 cats, she had three boxes taking up the valuable space in her home. Being a home design professional, she knew there had to be a better way. So she sat down to conceptualize, draft, and then build the first outdoor Privy Kitty litter box enclosure hidden in the wall. She installed her first plywood concept on the outside of her home and then she tried it out on her cats. They loved it! So the decision to remove all three litter boxes from her house and replace them with her new exterior litter box enclosures was an easy one—bathroom, back room and laundry room now free of the box. Privy Kitty was born! This gave her a feeling of freedom and happiness because she could provide a loving home to all her special kitties and have a beautiful and fresh smelling home again. She designed the litter station with ventilation for litter box odor control and so there is less litter dust to breathe for you and kitty. Locking and hinged lid is sloped to shed pouring rain and keep kitty safe. Plus a removable and reusable little liner tote with handles makes litter station maintenance a breeze. Privy Kitty can be used over and over again for years. Sharon is excited to share this revolutionary design for this amazing litter box enclosure that's hidden in your wall!.