Privy Kitty - Outdoor Litter Box For Cats

Why would I need a Privy kitty outdoor litterbox for indoor cats?

The biggest challenge of owning a cat is the mess and smell of the litter box. Privy literally removes the cat box from all of your living spaces completely, and by just making a small opening in the wall, just as you would for a doggie door or vent, you can move the cat box outside. Your sweet indoor kitty will go through the entrance past the vapor flap, do their potties, and come right back in when they are done.

How do I maintain the Privy?

Walk outside in the fresh air and go to the litter station mounted on your home. Lift the lid and hook to the wall hook, and rake the droppings to the trash. In the fresh air the dust and smells dissipate.

Where do I put the Privy Litter Box Unit?

Privy kitty hangs on a very strong ledger bar, on an exterior wall of your house next to a room your pet cat can have access to from the inside of your house. There is a small rectangular opening cut in the wall so the indoor cats can enter. The opening is clad with high quality ABS plastic and has a casing. The interior casing is permanently mounted, but the exterior side is removable for cleaning. In the entry portal there is a mat that helps litter tracking, and a vapor flap to keep the odors going outside.

Is this exterior litter box, safe for indoor cats?

Privy provides an outhouse for your cat, keeping kitty safe indoors. Made of thick gage ABS strong plastic, it protects them as they enter and exit to use their private restroom. The Privy hangs by its weight with the litter, and also comes with hold downs to permanently mount the outer box to the house. The liner, made of easy to wash polypropylene, lifts out easily by pulling the mat and portal casing with handle.

Will my kitty be able to see inside?

Daylight comes in through the vent holes, and there is plenty of light. At night when it is dark, they can see very well in the dark, and still use the litter box. Also, the vapor flap is clear and your room light or night light would show through the clear flap.

How do the smells keep from coming back into the house?

There is a soft, flexible vapor flap, hanging in the entrance doorway. This helps keep odors in the box and the fumes rise out the vent holes to the outside air. Kitty comes back into the house and the soft flap falls shut as your cat makes their exit.

What about when it rains?

This unit is made of sturdy ABS Plastic and has a sloped lid, or roof, that sheds off rain or any heavy downpour. The lid over laps the vent holes so no water gets in, and the hinges are made to shed the moisture as well.

High humidity like drizzle, rain, and different types of wet coastal weather, is no problem for the exterior mounted, hidden, Privy Kitty.

The Privy is waterproof, so the litter inside stays dry inside, and takes on the interior temperature from your house. During wet weather there is usually a break in the conditions, which will allow you to go out to service the litter station. The scooper can be kept in a plastic bag, to keep it dry, during your wet weather periods. Do you have a place in mind for the Privy Kitty? Be sure to see the specifications on the website product page, to help you determine the best location.

How do I decide where to put the Privy®kitty on my house?

 A location is chosen where no pipes or wires are to be found in the walls, and there needs to be room outside for the Privy® to mount and hang on the exterior wall. The area on the inside will only need a small opening, 8” x 8 ½”, allowing room for the portal casing. On the outside of the home, you must leave room for the unit itself, which measures 19” wide by 17” high, with a total height of 39 ½” when the lid is open. We recommend you talk to your handyman or contractor, unless you are familiar with where pipes and wires go inside your walls and are good at home DIY projects.

Who installs the Privy®kitty?

We recommend you have a contractor or handyman install this, unless you love DIY projects. See basic instructions for installation.

What is the average installation time?

About 1 hour. But you should choose the location before you start, and make sure it will fit.

How do I use the Privy®kitty?

You go outside to the litter station to rake it once a day. If you only have one cat you may get with every other day, although some cats are pretty finicky and demand a daily rake job. Once at the litter station, twist the hasp to unlock the latch and open the lid. Hook the latch on the hook which is installed on the house. This will hold the lid safely open while you rake the litter, putting kitty droppings in a 1 to 2 gal. size, thin mil. plastic bag. When finished, lower lid back in to the closed position and twist the hasp to lock. Put the plastic bag in the trash. That’s it.

How do I clean the Privy®kitty?

Daily raking can be done for quite a while, before the liner needs to be removed for a more thorough cleaning. If the walls of the liner and the exterior portal casing get excessively soiled, remove the portal mat in the entrance, pull out the exterior portal casing, and set aside. Now, remove the removable liner litter box and dump the used raked litter in a bag or pan to set aside. Close the litter station lid, while you are cleaning the liner, so cats don’t escape from the house. Hose off the liner and scrub with a teaspoon of bleach in a few gallons of water. Drain and dry the liner, then put it back in the Privy® with the entrance holes lined up. Slide the portal casing in and set the Privy® mat in to lock in place. Close the lid and lock the latch, and it is ready for business. The thorough cleaning may be done about once a month or every two months. The main box stays on the wall while you clean the liner.

How to introduce the Privy®kitty to my cats?

Take the litter box your cat is currently using and set it near the entrance to the Privy®. Put some of the existing, used litter with some new fresh litter in the new Privy® kitty. Your cat will see the new opening in the wall and will automatically be drawn to it. Once they start using the New Privy® kitty, take the old box away. They will continue to use the new litter station, and you will be rid of the cat litter box in the house forever.

Who is the best person to install this unit on a home.

We recommend a licensed contractor to install the Privy, because they are knowledgeable of inner wall structuring. They will know what to do when a pipe or electrical or shear wall is encountered.

What happens if an obstruction is discovered in the wall while we are installing the Privy?

Obstructions may be able to be moved with additional work, or a second wall selection may be possible, depending on the Privy opportunities in your home.

What does installation cost if I hire a contractor to do the work?

Depending on your state and average hourly rates, we estimate a few hours to install this outdoor litter unit for indoor animals. More hours may be needed if the area you chose for your unit has pipes or wires that may need to be moved.

Why would it be smart to install the Privy Kitty?

One of the most challenging problems of owning a cat as an indoor pet, is concealing the cat box. The Privy Kitty solves 98% of the litter box issues. See Privy highlights on why this is such a great solution to litter box issues.