Privy Kitty - Outdoor Litter Box For Cats

Dear Privy Pet,

mcghan-cat“I installed a privy for my office, because the cat litter box was taking up prime real estate in my small office and it stunk terrible when my cat would use it in close quarters. Putting the litter box on the other side of the wall in my work shop worked great for me. Now I can keep my cat safe in the office while I work and not worry about him getting into my workshop. At the same time the smells and mess that once existed are no more. I’m very glad to have this, it saved my office environment and I can enjoy my cat monkey, even more.”

Jeff Mcghan, Torrance CA


Dear Privy Pet,

dions-cat“We rescue cats and have three at this present time. Installing this privy helped us eliminate a cat box from our house. It was easy to install, I did it myself. When you have lots of cats, it is very good to have one less cat litter box taking up space in your home. We have enjoyed having this additional, out of site litter station, and our cats use it as they discover it is there. In the winter it gets a bit chilly in the box, but the rest of the year it is fantastic. Even our cat with three legs can get in and out with no problem.”

Dion Shannon, Colorado, USA


Hi Privy Kitty Box People,

“2 years ago We had our Privy Kitty Box installed on the exterior of our house for my indoor kitty. She loves it, and so do I. It is installed off one of our bedroom walls. This kitty box is the best thing ever. You can clean the box from outside of the house by opening the easy access lid that has a lock on it, also no more cat box inside of our house, and no more cleaning up litter off our wood floors or bending over it to rake and breath the dust. It has a small door that goes from our bedroom into the kitty box, which has a small flap that helps keep the smell outside of the house. We also have laid a small carpet inside on the floor, just in case our Kitty wants to wipe her paws off as she comes out of her litter station. This whole system works really great for an indoor cat, This Privy Kitty Litter Station is a must have, I’m so glad we have this.

Thank you.”

Mike Moller, Redondo Beach CA